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Who We Are

We are the association of Area Agencies on Aging in Illinois. Each Area Agency on Aging independently receives federal and state funding through the Department on Aging, and is responsible for awarding this funding to local providers of senior services.

Since the 1970s, each Area Agency on Aging has helped to build a network of aging service providers at the local level. Aging service providers assist senior adults, their caregivers, and grandparents raising grandchildren.

The Illinois Association of Area Agencies on Aging does not employ staff of its own at this time, but relies on individual member agencies to carry out advocacy on behalf of senior adults.

Our Mission

The mission of Area Agencies on Aging includes--

  1. developing a three-year plan of providing services with information gathered from senior adults, community leaders, and service agencies,
  2. developing new services and refining existing programs to meet the needs of senior adults,
  3. fostering connections between the Aging network and other agencies in order to improve senior adults access to services,
  4. promoting the interests of senior adults by advocating for improved policies for new and existing programs, and
  5. assisting individuals 55 and older with information about training and employment opportunities.

Our Officers

President - Joy Paeth, AAA of SW IL
Vice President - Joanne Thomas, Central IL AAA
Treasurer - Barb Eskildsen, Western IL AAA
Secretary - Shana Holmes, SE IL AAA

We have no staff, but you can contact us at the telephone number listed in the header above or by email using the link below.

The Area Agencies Websites is a link to Area Agencies on Aging in Illinois, to whom they award funds, and jobs they may have available.

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